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Lot of Godzilla for one day

I started Friday by watching “Godzilla Minus One” and finished it watching “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” and they were exciting.

I’m glad I watched both of them in one day, it was a day full of Godzillas and the movies were actually quite different. Even though they both were about titans and monsters, they followed different stories and had different depictions of the monsters.

It was fun overall. I had some rest, some movies, and cleared my mind.

Spit, not rinse

I just found out that when you brush your teeth, both morning and night, you should spit but not rinse. Toothpaste contains fluoride which helps strengthen your teeth. By not rinsing with water, fluoride in the toothpaste will stay on your teeth for longer helping to keep them strong.


A man was in a hurry. He was going to buy some groceries and then heading to his office. Putting his car in reverse after buying the groceries, he gets distracted by the loud music that suddenly starts to play in the car.

While going in reverse, he hits a delivery guy’s motorcycle and breaks a part of it. He gets out of his car and apologizes to the delivery guy. He also asks how much does it cost to replace the broken part. Delivery guy says it’ll be twenty bucks.

He gives the guy the money and goes to work. When he comes back home at night, his wife asks him if he had an accident today. He, surprised that his wife knows, tells her yes, and explains how he hit a motorcycle.

His wife tells him that a guy came to the house. The guy told the wife that he found the address asking the grocery store. He gave 5 bucks back to the wife telling her that the broken piece took only 15 dollars to repair and he came by to give back the 5 bucks he received more.

The story brought back my faith in humanity.

Praise be to God

His son was in hospital after a car crash, injured and in critical condition. Doctors said there’s low chance that he survives. He couldn’t tolerate seeing him so he went outside and waited for an answer. His wife and other son came, loudly crying, and delivered the sad news to him. His son died. The car crash was too severe for the son to make it alive. He shed a tear and whispered “praise be to God.”

His wife cried more loudly and started hitting him angrily and asked him “your son died and you’re thanking God?” He replied “God is with us all the time. He gave me my son and he took him away. I thank him for good and bad. I’m his servant and he is my loving lord. Praise be to God for everything, not only in happiness, but also in sadness.”

Whether you believe in God or not, that’s a beautiful story.

Numa Numa

In December 2004, 19-year-old Gary Brolsma uploaded a webcam video titled “Numa Numa,” featuring himself lip-syncing to the Romanian song “Dragostea Din Tei” by O-Zone. Hosted initially on, Brolsma created the video after watching a cartoon about Japanese cats.

Even before the existence of YouTube, his video exploded one night after Newgrounds featured it on their front page. A couple days later, Brolsma woke up to find news vans from all the major networks parked outside his house, forcing him to explain his sudden Internet fame to his surprised mother.


Paralogism: a piece of illogical or fallacious reasoning, especially one which appears superficially logical or which the reasoner believes to be logical.

Deliberate misconceptions

A girl had a fight with her boyfriend and told him that she’s leaving. But she didn’t really want to leave and she was wasting time. The boy asked her “why aren’t you leaving?” and she responded “I’m watering the flowers”. The boy responded “sorry I though you left”. The girl immediately asked “did you said you’re sorry?” “I forgive you honey. Let’s go out for dinner”.

This is a great example for deliberate misconception. Some people do this only to show that their opinion is right no matter what. Avoid those people, they’re dangerous. Some of them are stupid but some are dangerously smart.