Ali Reza Hayati (pronounced æ‬‬lI r‫‪ɛ‬‬z‫‪ɒ h‫‪æ‬‬j‫‪‫‪ɑ:‬‬tI) is an engineer, entrepreneur, hacker, cypherpunk, and user freedom activist working to spread the use of strong cryptography and privacy-enhancing free (as in freedom) technologies for social change and to help people take full control over their computers.

The above paragraph is a short bio of mine. This page used to have a lot of information but I feel it’s not necessary anymore. You don’t need to know what major I studied or where did I grow up to understand what I say or agree/disagree with me. Look at what is being said not who is saying it, am I right?

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