Wonders of the world

Part of job is to take photos and create documentation. Today, while I was taking photos from the construction site, I wondered how does this ‘photography’ works. Like how is it possible to tap on a screen and capture a moment of life and save that view forever?

Ever thought about that? I know the engineering that makes it possible and the science behind it but does it ever make you wonder?

I started writing this post on my computer at work on my free time, then continued writing using my phone on my way back home. Isn’t it fascinating that I can write my blog in various locations using different devices? Isn’t it awesome that I can publish what I started a 100 kilometers later? (Oh yeah I travel 100 kilometers twice a day to work and back — so 200 km/d.)

I’m writing this on my personal computer at home right now. Back to the photography. How cool is that? I’m able to point a device at something, tap on a screen, and capture that sight forever and ever. Even the phone itself. How amazing is that I can tap on a screen and write words?

I know that these things are normal now. I know that there are far so many mind-blowing technologies that are so much more interesting than a simple touch-screen but I still get amazed from simple stuff like this.

I sit in a huge box on wheels that has speed of more than 90 km/s to go to work every day. It takes me about an hour and 10 minutes to get there. A hundred years ago I’d have to ride a horse for that. Working in a place 100 kilometers far wouldn’t even make sense, that would’ve been impossible at that time.

I’m so happy that I was born in a time with all these technologies. I travel through mountains as easy as abc because there are technologies to build tunnels. I can talk to people 5000 kilometers away from me because there are cables under the ocean to make it possible.

It’s too hot here, more than 40 degrees Celsius at noon but I can cool off because there are devices installed on our buildings to turn down the temperature. Isn’t it astonishing?

Do you ever think about the simplest normallest (I know that’s not a word) technology we use every day? Ever thought about how cool is the car’s engine? Ever wondered how does the TV remote control work? Ever thought about how amazing is the washing machine? You throw your clothes in it and it washes them for you. It can even make them dry!

I still get surprised when I use these inventions. I don’t take them for granted. I enjoy every moment of them. I think they are staggering and we’re not thankful for our lives enough to appreciate them correctly.

When I was writing this post, my computers told me which word I wrote incorrectly. They drew a red line under the incorrect words. They even suggested words to me and sometimes predicted what I was going to write next. Damn, that’s awesome.