Apple (and other) VR headsets are proprietary tyrants

Apple recently released a product name Vision Pro. It uses a proprietary firmware named visionOS, developed by Apple. It’s a computer, basically, and has features such as a camera, microphone, and wireless connections.

It can be used in various ways but is not suggested to be used at all. The mixed reality headset seems truly interesting, I also am tempted to use it as it’s very fascinating, but, after all, it’s a proprietary tyrant.

Tivoized products are injustices to users. Specifically regarding to giant companies such as Apple, they can be very harmful to people. These headsets will track users and violate their privacy. As they use proprietary operating systems, they violate people’s right to operate freely. Software used in them is not libre and people won’t have any control over how they use their computers or how they do their computing.

These proprietary tyrants won’t allow people to install a different operating system on them. These devices have measures to block execution of anything other than the “approved” system versions. They won’t allow people to run any program that won’t please the producer of the regarded computers (devices) and will force the users behave as they wish because the user supposedly entered into a “contract” when they started using it.

These computers are hell when it comes to users. They simply violate any basic right of users whenever they can just to make more profit. I’m pretty sure we will hear many news in near future about how the giant corporations producing these computers are imposing various forms of censorship and are interfering with how people are using what they bought.

We will hear news about how these devices helped with putting people under surveillance and how people lost their ability to use them because the producers decided so.

The technology is fascinating, for real, but they are not worthy of privacy and other digital rights. These devices are not just harmful to our digital rights, but are also a danger to us in real life as violations of our digital rights, most of the times, will result in violation of our basic human rights in real world.

These devices are for mixed reality experience, which means one more step towards making us slaves to these giant corporations in real life.