Lot of Godzilla for one day

I started Friday by watching “Godzilla Minus One” and finished it watching “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” and they were exciting.

I’m glad I watched both of them in one day, it was a day full of Godzillas and the movies were actually quite different. Even though they both were about titans and monsters, they followed different stories and had different depictions of the monsters.

It was fun overall. I had some rest, some movies, and cleared my mind.

We should care more about our children’s mental health

I was reading about Brown v. Board of Education and there’s an interesting paragraph:

To separate them from others of similar age and qualifications solely because of their race generates a feeling of inferiority as to their status in the community that may affect their hearts and minds in a way unlikely ever to be undone. The effect of this separation on their educational opportunities was well stated by a finding in the Kansas case by a court which nevertheless felt compelled to rule against the Negro plaintiffs

Brown v. Board of Education, 347 U.S. 483 (1954) (USSC+)
Argued December 9, 1952
Reargued December 8, 1953
Decided May 17, 1954

The court ruled in favor of Oliver Brown (or to better put it, racial integration) partly because of the psychological impact on children. This is something we don’t consider much lately. There is physical harm and there is psychological and mental harm. When we treat our children and when we decide what’s good or bad, we mostly consider the physical harm, yet the mental impacts of our decisions may have a way more influence on our kids.

A child living in a household full of mental pressures is in risk of being damaged. A child living in poverty may take physical harm but there is also mental harm. The child would be in constant pressure and may feel less worthy, wronged, and unequal to others.

When we put children in an environment full of pressure to decide their genders or when unnecessarily give too much information about sex and gender, we’re putting harm on our children. I’m not against trans people, I have dear trans friends who have faced real issues in their lives and had to combat many troubles because of their bodies, and I understand their pain and fully support them but I still can’t agree that minors should be able to decide to physically harm their body or mutilate themselves.

Yet, the physical part may be possible to be undone but the mental damage they suffer from may never heal. They may overcome their physical pain but the damage done to their minds is permanent.

It’s wrong to let children decide if they’re a man or woman. If they’re too young to vote or drink alcohol or live by themselves, then they’re too young to decide to change their sex or decide what gender they’re in.

I think there’s only two sexes. You’re either a man or a woman. I also think that there are people who have been born in a wrong body. I think it should be legal to help those people change their identity and help them become what they truly are. It’s a human right and people should be able to enjoy their freedom to decide.

I’m not a doctor and I never studied biology, that being said, I think five thousand years from now if some alien people find our remaining, and they decide to categorize us, they would categorize us not in 10 genders but in two. They would put us either in the male section or female section. That’s my opinion and it may be wrong.

I believe we shouldn’t bring drag queens to schools and we certainly shouldn’t bring children to drag races. The same way we restrict pornography or R-rated movies, or are cautioned when it’s a PG-13 show, we should be cautioned about how we treat our children when it comes to sexuality.

And I don’t mean it’s only trans stuff that are harmful. When we surround our children with what is not suitable for their age, we’re doing harm to them. There’s also opposite of that. If we teach them that their sexual orientation should only align with what we believe, we’re doing harm to them. If we force them to repeat our belief, we’re doing harm to them.

I believe we should consider punishing those who put our children in danger and this danger is not only physical, but also mental. I believe we should take more care of our future generation.

I’m not a conservative, I frequently mock them and I disagree with most of their ideologies but I got to support them on this one. Well not completely, they’ve gone too far. I don’t support banning a book because it mentioned “gay”, or shutting down libraries because some dumb lady thinks her kid is reading Playboy magazines there, but I believe when it comes to sexuality, we should be a lot more careful.

I also don’t mean we should stop every sex education we have in schools, we certainly need them and I think we should even expand them to be more effective, but I also think that people like Kayla Lemieux should not be allowed in schools. I think we should normalize that people may have different sexual orientation and preference but it should be done when the child is in proper age.

In any situation, when we treat our kids in a way that we deprive them of the power of free will and thinking, we’re doing harm to them and it should be stopped immediately. It’s not that we may force children to do something but it’s that when we constantly repeat a certain thought to our children, we automatically induce them to follow that thought.

There’s a proper age for everything. If we don’t cell cigarettes to people unless they’re above a certain age, because it may harm their bodies, then we shouldn’t cell them certain information that may harm their minds. If we don’t let them sign hospital papers for surgeries such as appendectomy, then they certainly shouldn’t be able to decide for changing their sex.

And it’s not just sex. The sex thing was on top of my head. There are a lot of stuff happening. We surround our children with guns. A weapon to kill people should not be something normal in a household. I’m all for people’s rights to “bear Arms” but it shouldn’t be normal. We shouldn’t make it easy for our children to shoot a gun. We should teach them when they grow up, as the United States Constitution mentions it’s “being necessary to the security of a free State”, but that shouldn’t be normal for a child.

Technology can be lot harmful to children. Unsupervised use of internet is a lot harmful to our children. Internet material is not well-regulated, nor it should be, but children’s use of web and internet should be supervised and controlled by parents.

And hey, let me say this too, it’s not that children are in constant danger. They usually can think for themselves and decide correctly. No matter how much we restrict them, they can find a way to access material we forbade. It’s not much we can do. I know some minors who are active members of software communities and they’re really good programmers. They chose to use internet for something amazing and they’re learning a lot. That’s awesome. I bet if we restricted their internet, they wouldn’t learn as much as they have.

My point is that restriction is not the sole solution. Education is equally important. We should not treat our children as they don’t understand anything, we should treat them in a way that they can decide for themselves correctly and wisely. We should care about their mentality, and teach them how to decide and tell right and wrong. We should let them make mistakes yet protect them from the worst consequences.

We should let them take a controlled amount of harm so they can learn. If they don’t ever get punished, or face some consequences, then we have hurt them in another way. It’s like our body’s immune system. If it never contacts any virus or bacteria, then it will remain weak.

We should protect our children both physically and mentally. We should care a lot more about them and it should be done through a combination of controlled access to information, good education, and give them a say in their life, choices, and future.

Oh, am I legally bound to say these are just random opinions and I’m not an expert of psychology or children matters?

Domain change

You probably didn’t notice it because the previous domain is now forwarding to this one but the domain of this blog is changed and you’re now connected to the new address.

Everything is working fine as far as I know and the previous domain is set to be redirected to the new one. All the previous links will forever work. I’m not planning on deleting that domain, in fact, I’m planning on keep using it for many years.

I moved to this domain because it’s shorter, easier to remember, and more aligned and suitable for this blog. I’m gonna update my links wherever I posted them and I’m gonna ask you, if you linked to me, to update them as well. Again, previous links will work forever but it’s nice if you could update them.

The domain change will be a disaster SEO-wise but I needed to do it sooner or later. I hope everything will get back to normal soon. This blog has been online for about four years now and this can be a new start for it.


Update: I didn’t think changing a domain would be this hard. Still no regrets though.

The state of AI

Putting aside all the privacy and users’ rights violations by AI companies, the state of AI today is fascinating. We’re living in a world full of amazing advancements in tech and life. The fact that AI can now help blind people get through everyday life, or talk to you about your plans for the day, or summarize texts with sufficient quality is beyond everything we thought we’re getting few years ago. There’s no doubt that AI is going to make our lives easier. Only matter is how humane will it be, both in matters of online and offline human rights.

Bonus: OpenAI introduces GPT-4o (YouTube Link)

AI knows about you!

I am one of the people who tried to block so-called “AI” programs from training on my published works. I implemented every code or rule I know to block corporations use my material for training their programs.

I’m not against AI, but I don’t want my material be published or used under a proprietary license. One other reason I tried to block them is that data-hungry companies such as Microsoft and Google were using these programs to gather more data on people and violating users’ privacy.

However, my efforts to block them from training on my works seems to be failed. It seems that regardless of my effort and how I asked robots to not research/train on my blog and stop crawling my data, they did it anyway.

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You may have not noticed it but my blog was down for few hours and I had to being it back up using a backup I had. Tarneo, who generously hosts my blog, noticed it first and he did most of the work on the backend.

But all my data was lost due to a faulty database. If I didn’t have a backup, you probably wasn’t reading this post.

This is a reminder that backups are important. I lost very small changes I made on the web site but nothing major was gone; I was lucky.

It takes me just about 10 minutes to backup my web site and everything else I have and store them on two separate hard drives. It’s super easy, encrypted, safe, and lifesaving.

Backup now.

Bonus: The Dangers of Digitization, and The Importance of Data Backup

Bring back small blogs

I merged, combined, summarized, and re-published pages on this blog and made it as small as possible. Bring back small blogs. Web used to have so many small yet awesome blogs. We used to spend a lot of our time reading material published on them, not caring about the design or off-topic pages.

Let’s bring that back. I start with myself. I don’t need a long bio page or every detail about my internet presence. There’s no need to include every way you can contact me. I won’t make long lists about what I use, nobody cares about that. Though I can publish a post about it.

I won’t explain everything and every word, I can link to Wikipedia or send people to a web site that explains that well. I’ll stay focused on the topic I’m talking about.

I won’t care if the design is old or new. I won’t care if people think sidebars are outdated. If it’s usable and satisfies the reader, then it’s good enough for me. I want to focus on what’s important here, which is what I share and what I have to say.

I feel all the attention that goes to these pages are to satisfy our urge for attention. We should stop playing for the invisible audience and let go of ourselves. We’re not the main focus of other people. Most people won’t care about whether our site is blue or green or purple. If you like an special color, then set it for your theme but stop caring about my opinion on it.

I believe we should bring back small blogs because we’re now full of crappy corporate web that values benefit before people. We should bring back small blogs because those are the blogs that put people behind everything else. We used to care so much about what we publish, not how much we explain ourselves.

Nobody cares if I use Emacs or Vim. Nobody cares if I have 16 GB of RAM. Nobody cares about the distribution of GNU+Linux I run on my computer. I may explain or share my experience using them, and those can be useful for many people, including me, but I feel nobody cares about a long list of tools I use. People may read it but nobody misses it when it’s gone.

Well, this is my feeling. It’s not wrong to feel otherwise and it certainly is not wrong to do the opposite.


Net neutrality rules restored by FCC

Good news. Removing net neutrality was an injustice to users and bringing it back was necessary. It is a major victory for people. Now FCC can, and should, hold companies responsible for violating people’s rights.